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When you’re getting your next facial treatment, try to avoid doing these things to prevent complications.( hair cut upper west side )

Facial treatments are part of many women’s skin care routine. In some cases, the skin becomes affected negatively due to poor post facial care. This could be due to ignorance on the recipients part, or negligence by the beautician.  ( hair cut upper west side ) Good after care helps minimize irritation and breakouts. Remember: If you are planning an event, have your facial at least three days before, so that your skin will have settled down and will look its best.Msalon NYC -Things to Avoid After a Facial Treatment. - Hair Cut Upper West Side- 2-1-17

  1. Protect skin from direct sun after a facial. Plan to have facial when you do not plan on outdoor activities such as driving, shopping or swimming.
  2. Do not use astringents or strong toners at least 48 hours after your facial. All you need is a gentle cleanse and rinse with lukewarm water.
  3. Avoid touching your skin after extractions. Since extractions are part of a long term goal to improving your skin, they should be left to heal slowly. hair cut upper west sideDo not remove the scab that forms otherwise it could lead to a scar.
  4. Do not use bleaching creams or other products that change the skins structure when you are under a skin care regimen. Such products weaken and distort the skins pH balance leaving it vulnerable to cut upper west side
  5. Do not wear make up immediately after your facial treatment. The skin pores are dilated and tend to absorb anything that is applied. You may wear lipstick and special powder designed for post-facial use.
  6. Do not use a cloth while washing your face following a facial treatment. Use your fingertips instead.

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