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Amid the winter months, we invest such an extensive amount our energy and exertion agonizing over our skin going dry that we don’t extra a pondered how our hair is faring. Winters influence your hair pretty much similarly as it does your skin. That implies, you have to go past a basic cleanser molding routine and take additional care of your hair in the dry months. Here are some manners by which you can mix some dampness into your hair.(salon upper west side)

1. Oil before you shampooKeeping your hair moist this Harsh Winter. Salon Upper West Side - 1-8-18
Spare some extra time and precondition your hair with a good hair oil before you shampoo. The suds can be too harsh on your hair if you apply them directly. Oiling can create a barrier between the shampoo and the hair and ensure that moisture is not completely stripped from the hair strands when you wash it. Use a hydrating oil like a mixture of castor oil and coconut oil or almond oil on your hair. If you are short on time, oil it overnight and put on a shower cap before you hit the bed and wash it next morning.

2. Deep condition once every fortnight
Treat your hair to a deep conditioning hair pack once in two weeks. Apply them to your tresses after washing it and conditioning it. Let it soak deep into the strands and then wash it off. You could keep it overnight for a longer time if your hair needs extra hydration. Cover your head with a shower cap before going to bed. You could also deep condition with your regular hair conditioner. Just leave it on for twenty minutes and then wash it off.

3. Use a hydrating spray
Create an emulsion of water and oil and spritz it all over your hair before you step out. Use three parts water and one part nourishing oil like almond oil and jojoba oil. Add two-three drops of your favorite essential oil and store it in bottle with a spray pump. Spritz it on your hair and comb through it. Try this DIY hair spray for hydrating your hair.

4. Steam your hair
Steaming your hair is a fairly simple method to infuse some moisture into your dry, dull tresses. You could either use a steamer or hold your hair above steaming hot water for some time. Make sure that you don’t get any steam injuries in the process. Alternatively, you could also wrap a moist, warm towel around your hair and keep it on for some time.(salon upper west side)

5. Use aloe vera gel
Slice open a fresh aloe vera stalk and scrape out the gel. Steam your hair and then apply the fresh gel on your hair strands. Cover your hair with a moist, warm towel and then wash off the gel. Apart from hydrating your parched hair roots, the nutrient-rich aloe gel is great for hair health. Use this aloe vera hair pack for shiny hair.

6. Use humectants like glycerine
Humectants are substances capable of absorbing moisture from the air and infusing it into the skin or hair. Glycerine is a commonly available humectant used widely in a variety of cosmetics. Prepare a hairspray with three parts water and one part glycerine and spritz your hair with it. But if the weather around you is too dry, glycerine could also end up stripping your hair of its moisture and releasing it into the air. This works best if you live in a humid place.

7. A banana mask
A quick banana mask also works well to give your hair a moisture boost this winter. Mash a whole banana or two (depending on your hair length) with some honey.

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