Bumble and bumble

Bumble and bumble Products


Strong shapes meet organic fluidity. Shiny materials meet matte and frizzy textures. Deep Neutral Backgrounds meet Disruptive Vibrant Accents. Disrupt the shape. Disrupt the color. Disrupt the texture. Dare to engage with an inspiring Hair Fashion Collection that breaks with the conventional and invites you to challenge your own ideas of styles

To create the looks for this trend the team disrupted the shape, the color and the texture of hair. The disruption of these three elements expanded the scope for unexpected creativity and gave our stylists the freedom to create unique looks with reinvented shapes, new coloring techniques and larger-than-life textures.



In the hands of a master the world’s precious elements turn ever more refined and sublime. Rich, living metallics meet the buff earthiness of nude suede. Burnished bronze transitions into rose gold hair, white and black pearl, rich copper, soft steel ebony and polished platinum – with a colour understanding that’s honed over years to fine – tune each result to the soul of its wearer